Feb – June 2017

Role spec

Cartoon animations
(Design & Concept)


First, a little context on my Secret Projects: these are from long ago, some going back as far as university. They’re ugly, bizarre, experimental – and didn’t make the cut for my main portfolio. Instead of deleting them, I relegated them to the secret archives of my website.

In 2017, I contracted for Graze, the personalised snack delivery company, tasked with concepting and designing quirky GIF animations for their marketing emails. These were extremely fast turnaround: I had to create 2-3 animations from scratch a day.

“Simply, Ben gets things done! I had the privilege of working with Ben for 3 months, and his contagious work ethic and imagination is second-to-none. […] Ben’s work was the talk of the team, and I would jump at the chance to work with him again.”

Daniel Haigh, Senior Designer at Graze