Feb 2018 – Jan 2019

Role spec

Product design lead
product Suite Branding
Design system
Screens & Prototypes

Deutsche Bank

I led the UI and branding of iControl, a powerful internal web dashboard that gives Deutsche Bank end-to-end visibility on their business processes – and, most importantly, flags when these processes go wrong. Over the course of 11 months, our team of 10 conceived, user tested, validated and produced the tool, working closely with Deutsche Bank’s Operations team to bring it to market.

Data visualisation

I designed a broad range of widgets to cover the many forms of measurement our use cases demanded, and animated custom user interactions using Principle for easy dev handover.


Not just an aesthetic feature – I designed a configurable darkmode variation of iControl to save the eyesight of users who spend their working lives inside the app.

Atomic UI

Our team was working to very tight deadlines. Speed was paramount, so I designed with strict atomic principles to allow the rapid creation of pages with reusable components, and labelled each screen with detailed UX instruction to streamline the handover to frontend.

Right: step-by-step breakdown of iControl's Flow Builder feature

Branding the products

iControl is one of twelve business tools produced by DRYiCE, the Artificial Intelligence division within HCL. I was tasked with designing a unified identity across these tools. Taking inspiration from Adobe's software branding, I opted for a simple segmented diamond (similar to DRYiCE's logo) colour coded by tool and stamped with the products' acronyms (iC, iA, etc).

Left: a few of my initial logo and branding concepts for iControl
Below: the final set of DRYiCE product logos

App screens

Here are a few of my screen designs, ranging from the powerful Flow Builder to the more playful Help & FAQ Page. From UX wireframing to final UI handover, I tried to keep our main user at the front of mind: tech-savvy Operations managers who value speed, depth and clarity.

Flow builder

The Flow Builder allows users to define their process flows – the sequence of steps and target parameters event journeys must achieve to be successful. We aimed to build an intuitive and flexible drag-and-drop interface which speaks directly with process flows already in place in the bank.






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